From 2018: POA Solidarity – a collaborative network of women

Porto Alegre Solidarity (POA Solidária) is a program of the city of Porto Alegre that aims to foster cooperation, social responsibility and the articulation of multi-sectoral resources, in order to:

  • promote fair, balanced and resilient urban development
  • establish relationships of dialogue with respect for differences, trust and co-responsibility between people.

The program seeks to strengthen the culture of solidarity and society’s engagement in transformative causes, promoting the shared responsibility of citizens, companies and the public power.

A collaborative network of women

Consisting of a collaborative network of active and engaged women, where the cause is above ideologies, it aims to raise funds for direct donations of goods or services and to drive essential and urgent municipal projects to transform the reality of people living in vulnerable social situations.

Porto Alegre Solidarity, through campaigns, creates conditions for any citizen to be able to actively participate, as a volunteer, in city projects coordinated by City Hall in partnership with civil society.

Participation occurs through donations of goods or volunteer actions, forming collaborative and supra-partisan governance networks, fostering cooperation between governmental, non-governmental institutions, and people who voluntarily face urban challenges together.

Women engaged in the Program, entitled Solidarity, engage in fundraising campaigns that result in the acquisition of goods to be donated directly to the municipal secretariats, as financial resources do not enter the City Hall’s coffers.

The criterion for the selection of projects are ones that have:

  • continuity
  • sustainability
  • defined goals
  • credibility and
  • transparency.

Porto Alegre Solidarity is not only about fundraising and giving. It also builds the conditions in which selected projects can materialise and be monitored.

The Sustainable Development Goals

The Solidarity POA is a program that aims to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, such as:

Goal 3: To ensure a healthy life and promote well-being for everyone at all ages.

Acting significantly in the area of ​​Health, our projects assist in the development of a healthy life and promote the social welfare of the city of Porto Alegre:

  • Presidente Vargas Maternal Children’s Hospital Project, we seek the Renewal of the Technological Park and the reform of the Milk Bank.
  • Solidary Look Project in partnership with Lions and project for Mobile Health Units.

Goal 4: Ensure inclusive, equitable and quality education, and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

  • Adopt A School Project
  • Education Fund
  • Digital Platforms
  • Donations of Chrommebooks and recharge cards.

Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Consisting of a collaborative network of active and engaged women seeking improvements for the city of Porto Alegre, our goal is to raise funds for direct donations of goods or services, driving essential and urgent municipal projects to transform the reality of people living in displaced situations. social vulnerability.

Objective 17: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

The Solidarity POA seeks to encourage private partnerships for public projects, promotes cultural change in the area of ​​volunteering in the municipality.

The Solidarity POA is a passionate project, breaking the public management paradigm through solidarity partnerships in municipal projects.

It is coordinated by Vania Gonçalves de Souza and Denise Costa de Souza. It was launched in 2018.